Back to glasses and other musings.

} Almost 11-months exactly after I got eye surgery I am back to glasses. The second round will have to wait a couple years. I could complain but… then I would be a jackass. I’m having a baby, viagra my eye sight is still WAY better than it was before, illness I live a comfortable North American life and can afford glasses.

} Actually, I already had the glasses – I knew better than to get rid of them. I just needed new lenses.

} Having glasses again means I can drive the car again. I stopped driving in early December and was starting to feel a little stranded and dependent on the kindness of others. } It also means that I can watch movies without squinting.

} Moira & I leave Monday to visit my sister & her family in Ontario for week.

} Other than the thought of having a 2-year old bouncing on my pregnant bladder for a 4-hour plane ride, I’m looking forward to the trip.

} We are officially house hunting and I’m pretty sure it is going to make me crazy. Our budget is small (for this stupidly expensive city) and so far everything I have liked as been taken off the market days or – hours (not even kidding) – after it goes up. Who are these people and what are they doing? Hanging out in their realtors cars waiting for the MLS to be updated?

} This makes me want to continue renting. However, a lot of the houses I have seen for rent online say “children not allowed.” Now, I know that children can be messy – but when I compare Moira and her washable crayons to, say, a house full of male university student, I have to wonder what the hell is these peoples problem.

} Work has been rather non-existent for me lately and so Friday was the last day for our nanny. I must say, it was really really nice to have three afternoons a week to myself – even if it meant I was stuck in the bedroom on my computer. I am a little afraid that I will never get to run a child-free errand again. I also hate to admit that I’m not sure what to do with Moira all day, every day.

} On the other hand I don’t have to pay someone to hang around while Moira naps for two hours (the nanny was here for four). It was a really expensive nap.

} Last week Moira would wake up for about 2-hours in the middle of the night – every night. Either she would talk happily (although loudly) to herself or cry inconsolably. It was killing me and I was so tired I couldn’t think straight. This week she started sleeping right through the night. I think I have had to go in twice in the last 7-days to quickly reset her (aka: find her soothie). Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself by writing this.

} I’m sure going to my sisters will totally screw up Moira’s schedule.

} I know you are supposed to get warmer when you are pregnant but for some reason it just makes me colder. Most days I don’t feel like I have fully warmed up until I have my evening bath. Yesterday I sat around with a sweatshirt over my sweater. Our apartment isn’t that cold.

} I think my hair needs the chop. It has been really frizzy lately and just kinda yuck.

} I’ve already started digging into the maternity clothes. I’ll be 10-weeks tomorrow. Somehow this seems a little unfair but I know it is normal to start showing earlier with your second child. Please no: “maybe there are two in there” jokes because I just can’t handle the thought.


Remember at the beginning of January when I said I was going to do a segment called Toy Stories? Well, I didn’t forget about it – I just got really tired from being pregnant and couldn’t do much of anything. However, this week is officially Toy Stories week and I have a couple guest bloggers queued up and a couple stories of my own. There is still time to send in a story of your own: meli.mello AT gmail DOT com.

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