Baby steps

It is amazing how little things can become so overwhelming. I remember being in the hospital and one of the nurses telling me that I couldn’t go home until I pee’d on my own. Apparently they had to keep the catheter in for an extra 24 hours since little things, this site like walking, were a huge challenge. I remember how upset I was during the many failed attempts – and how accomplished I felt when I finally pee’d on my own. Who would have thought? Of course, these days I am feeling much better and, thankfully, don’t need any assistance going to the bathroom but I’m still in the process of taking baby steps.

I can now be social for more than an hour at a time and no longer need to have someone come and hangout with me during the day. Last week, after a month of my Mum chauffeuring me around, I drove and took Moira out in the car for the first time with no assistance from anyone. I was exhausted by the end of the day – but I did it. We have finally switched over to cloth diapers too – we were using disposables while I recovered since I couldn’t go up and down the stairs to the laundry room and I needed to focus on getting the whole breastfeeding thing working. My night anxiety is gone as well since I’m no longer in full-on panic mode if Moira is napping late in the day.

Miss Moira is five weeks old today and all these little things feel like big accomplishments.

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