Baby Bug Quilt – part 1

If all goes well today I should be almost finished this:

It’s the Baby Bug Quilt, recipe or at least that is what I have been calling it for the last five or so years. My friend Jocelyn and I are going to a “Find it & Finish it” session at a local quilting store today – we both have quilts we have been working on for years. When I started this quilt years ago I never intended it to go to my baby. In fact, the Mister & I had only recently started dating. When I told him I was taking a quilting class he said, “that’s for old ladies” until I showed him the fabric which he loves – probably because there are bugs on it. Since then he has been *ahem* bugging me to finish it. Now there are eight weeks left until the arrival of our own baby and it’s now or never. Besides, I can’t allow myself to move on to the quilts I really want to make until this one is finished – like the red, black and white baby quilt for which I have had all the supplies for years. There aren’t any bugs on that one but if memory serves me correctly the fabrics are mostly plaids, Scotty dogs and tea cups (all stylized of course – no cartoon characters for this girl).

Oh well, maybe for the next baby.

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