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Yes, diagnosis that damn baby blanket! It is almost finished. I’m not even sure I like it anymore and I just want to move on and knit something cute.

It took me extra long since I decided 12 of the squares needed to be re-knit in a different yarn. Also, I don’t follow directions very well and it isn’t supposed to be a 6×6 blanket so it is bigger than intended. I still want to wash it to shrink it down and tighten up the stitches and then line the back with something to make it cozier and not so stretchy. And I’m skipping the border. The thought of picking up that many stitches makes me want to cry and this has been a pretty tear-free pregnancy so far so I’m going to keep it that way.

B is obviously also for baby but you are going to get enough of that soon.


I think it started with Oolong the Bunny who I stumbled across on the internet one day years ago. Maybe it started before then but we never had bunnies as pets while I was growing up and no one else I know did either (whereas my Dalmatian obsession obviously stemmed from having a Dalmatian). Either way, I have become slightly obsessed over the last couple years with their ears, which are just calling out for me to give them a good tug. We have jackrabbits all over our city and I can’t help but get excited every time I see one.

Bunny favourites from Flickr

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Funny story behind this. I was dating a guy whose parents had two Basset Hounds and he really wanted me to meet them and like them (the dogs, not the parents). I thought, “Basset Hounds, how lame can you get?” Yeah, I don’t look happy at all in that picture do I? That was Billy – we took to each other right away. They have the BEST ears and hilarious personalities although they are rather slobbery. I think a good indication of a relationship not going to work out is when you are more excited to see your boyfriend’s parents dogs than you are to see him. I’m also talking to one of my best friend’s here when I say this because she may recall a conversation we had years ago when she was seeing this one guy: “Well, I like him, but not as much as Simon.” Simon was her cat. I think a general rule of thumb is that you have to at least like them as much as your pet in order for things to work out.

Anyway, I would totally get a Basset Hound (holy freakin’ cuteness look at this one) and a Bunny and then my weird animal soft ear fetish (oh that phrase is going to get me in trouble with all the weirdoes on the internet searching of things I would rather not know about!) would be satisfied.

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