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The Nine R’s of November: Recognize

I heard something recently that really made me think: What if there is a purpose behind this election? And I mean a purpose that is deeper than electing the next American President. What if this election is meant to force us to: Recognize our own hatred. Recognize our own prejudices. Recognize our own misogyny. Recognize our own ignorance. Wouldn’t it… Read more →

The Nine R’s of November: Real

November 1st is the Celtic New Year or Samhain. The time when the darkness overtakes the light. This actually makes more sense to me than January 1st which is, at least where I live, implant right in the midst of winter. I always thought that it was odd that the winter equinox was also called midwinter because we traditionally know… Read more →

The Nine R’s of November

Why nine R’s? Well, mostly because it sounds good with the minor alliteration going on. Also, nine is my number if ever I were to have a number. I’ve always liked the number nine. Another reason is that I started singing in a choir recently – I will talk about that in a later post but singing in a choir… Read more →

On finding a new author, reading, and the constant panic that cancer brings

Lately I’ve taken to listening to Roisin Ingle’s Irish Times Roisin Meets podcast in the mornings when I can get out and walk, and the other day I listened to her interview of Irish author Jennifer Johnston. Johnston is now 86 and published her first novel at 42 (oh the hope!) and is one of Ireland’s premier writers that most… Read more →

Nine year blogiversary

Another long blog hiatus due to a) living life and b) someone corrupting my blog so it wouldn’t work (jerkface!). A non-working blog makes me really sad and frustrated to the point where I almost told the Mister to scrub the whole thing and start again. And even though I know no one is reading those early motherhood entries filled… Read more →