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The way things are

Ingredients for bliss when you are 2+1/3: – Polka Dot Pajamas – Dirt Moira discovered that you can take the Polar Zookeeper Duplo animal slide apart and turn it into.. shoes!  Those jammies totally kill me too. Yodeler’s daughter: Fionnuala looks like she should be wearing knickers and a cow bell. Man, population health nap time is boring. Nap time… Read more →

Funny things we found around the house

Fire suppression device, circa 1955 when the house was built… we think. I suspect that this one was meant to heat up (as it is up near the ceiling, not in arm’s reach),  and the metal band would expand, then break, dropping its payload on the floor. Anyway, it’s probably similar to this one from Wikipedia: “Another type of carbon-tetrachloride… Read more →

Rock Band Status for the Family

While Melanie is recovering, oncology here is a brief post from the Mr. regarding the new addition to the family. Name: Fionnuala Irene (pronounced Fin-oo-la) Birth Weight: 7 lbs 1 oz (exactly the same as mom and older sister) Born on: 8-something am on the 18th of August (18/8/10 – a date I can remember! 18-8=10).  Water broke Monday evening,… Read more →

The “Move” – Notes from Mr. Admin

As if moving houses wasn’t enough, therapy Melanie decided to move blog hosts as well. 😀 Unfortunately 1&1 doesn’t have the same WordPress versioning as Dreamhost (Dreamhost is more up-to-date), prescription so that means that Mr. Admin gets to move the database, skincare files, and deal with a not-in-place upgrade at the same time.  Here’s a rough procedure in case… Read more →

Must it be Santa?

Image by Zanastardust Growing up I loved Christmas. (Growing up I loved everything about childhood so how did I become such a cynical person? I suspect being married to the king of the cynics doesn’t help). Back to the point: growing up I LOVED Christmas. I loved the magic. I loved the wait. I loved the houses decorated with Christmas… Read more →


Nine reasons why I am a lazy Mum We sit on the floor all morning while Moira rolls around and I catch up on blogs. I can’t be bothered to research toys so I spend a lot of time singing inappropriate songs to her, artificial talking to her in bad accents and making up clapping games. Instead of teaching her… Read more →