Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

I don’t think I have ever asked my husband to read a book before that I wasn’t sure he was going to like. I mean, click sure, we’ve shared books like Catch-22 and Nineteen Eighty-Four. I’ve read books because they helped shape who he is (the whole David Eddings Belgariad series) and he’s read books because he wanted to know why I was so obsessed with them (*cough* Harry Potter *cough*). However, I think Attachments by Rainbow Rowell is the first book where I have said, “I would really like it if you read this.” I don’t know if this book falls under that awful chick-lit banner – are we done with that label yet? – but I was still nervous to ask him to read it. Yes, Rowell is a woman and her books are romantic but she also writes dialogue that is laugh-out-loud funny and makes you cry. I’m not sure I’ve enjoyed dialogue so much before reading this book. I’ve read this book twice. I bought this book and my book-buy budget is fairly limited.


So I asked the Mister to read it too. Not just because the main character Lincoln O’Neill is a Dungeons & Dragons playing I.T. guy with many post-graduate degrees under his belt. Although the similarities between the male lead in the story and the male lead in my life certainly added to this book’s charm. The similarities between the main female lead, Beth Fremont, who works at a newspaper writing movie reviews and has a long-term wannabe-rock star boyfriend who is indifferent to her and my life once-upon-a-time were a little eerie as well. (I think both Beth and I “traded up” with our I.T. Dungeons & Dragons dudes.)

However, I love this book for so many reason in addition to all the parallels to my own life. Because of how Lincoln is so lost but still has enough class to hate a job that has questionable morals. Because of Beth and her friend Jennifer’s witty and poignant back and forth inter-office e-mails (which Lincoln keeps promising himself that he will stop reading). Remember when we still email one another instead of texting all the time?I love this book because it was so great to read a story about a guy who was genuinely nice. Maybe I’m reading the wrong books if that’s something that impresses me these days, or maybe it’s because I married the nice guy that I think they should be written about more often. It seems like we (women) have to go through the wanna-be rockstars to get to guy who is actually going to want to spend Saturday night watching a movie with us. Or maybe it’s just me. But even without the life parallels I would love this book because the whole Y2K non-debacle is so brilliantly summed up by Jennifer and Beth with their entries for a New Year’s headline contest: Yawn 2K and Meh-llennium. And yes, the Mister liked it too. I even heard him laughing while he read it.

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