And… we’re back

Whoo boy – do I miss the internet! I suppose that is rather a sad thing to admit but it is true. The internet keeps me connected during the day and this week I have felt like I live in a bubble. I didn’t even know the Oscars were on Sunday night (not that I would watch them anyway – even if we had a T.V.).

Surgery Recap:

  • Everything went fine.
  • No, healing it didn’t hurt although was very VERY weird.
  • The first couple days post-surgery were rough which is normal.
  • The Mister is an awesome care giver.
  • Life is very blurry right now but getting better every day.

No, I’m probably not supposed to be on the internet right now but I’m bored and lonely and feeling very out of touch. All I have done this week is look after a sick child and listen to a reading of Harry Potter (currently on book 4). The weather has been cold (-25oC) and I didn’t leave the apartment from Monday night to Friday afternoon and YES that did make me crazy-crazy thanks for asking. My anxiety has been at a recent all-time high this week which proves that fresh air and walking do wonders for my mood. I’ve really missed taking photos this week too and even though I am listening to a book on tape I feel like I am going through withdrawal without being able to pick up a book and read it. Reading = everything to me.

I don’t know how long it will take my vision to become 100% – could be a couple weeks. I can already see better than ever but since I can’t wear corrective lenses I can’t do things like drive and most things are rather fuzzy. Moira is finally over the nasty cold that was plaguing her and the weather is warming up so things should be relatively back to normal this week. My brain is jumble of things I have been wanting to post about over the past week – hopefully some of which I will remember.

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