And the winner is…

Wow – 26 comments! That is a lot for my little blog. Thanks to everyone who pitched in and gave me an opinion, glands it really means a lot and has been giving me much (maybe too much) to think about. You’ll have to wait and see what logo I use when the new site launches in a couple weeks (and yes that is because it hasn’t been completely finalized).

To pick a winner I wrote the names of all 26 commenters on pieces of paper and asked my personal random number generator to help me out:

dosage 0, remedy 40,0″>

Logo contest winner from meli-mello on Vimeo.

(Because nothing is more random than a toddler.)

Mika! I probably pronounced your name wrong (even though we have talked on the phone before) which is why I was looking a little sheepish at the end. I’m sending you an e-mail so you can send me your mailing address and then I can send you a prize! What kind of prize you ask? A book! Oh I know, you are shocked. Not just any book though, a book from the New Canadian Library collection (not my collection though, I’ll go get you a nice new one) because I’m a little obsessed.

I have to admit, I was surprised by how much filming that little video took me out of my comfort zone – to the extent where I was getting sweaty and started feeling a little ill (and it had nothing to do with this nasty cold I have). Yes, just for a 32 second video being filmed in my living room. I’m much better behind the camera these days than I am in front of it. Because of that and because I think I need to do more things that push me out of my comfort zone I’ve decided to post the first attempt/outtakes on my Vimeo site.

Although I will most likely take that video down once the Neo Citran wears off.

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