And now we are two: a year in photos

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It is Moira’s second birthday today – however, sick she doesn’t know this. We are celebrating with family on Sunday and I thought it might be a little confusing to tell her it is her birthday today and then again on Sunday. We won’t be doing much but I still want to make it special and so I would rather save everything for one special day. (Or maybe one special weekend since we are taking her to her first movie on Saturday since The Muppet Movie is playing at the local theatre and she can get in for free.) My wonderful friend Jocelyn did take her out for ice cream today (and gave me some much needed alone time). Things have been better this week but I will save that for another post. I have appreciated all the comments and e-mails regarding my last post and am responding to them individually when I find the time.

For more birthday fun, buy here is a recent video of Miss Moira sporting a Liberty of London (from Target of course) dress and not having a raging meltdown. (I suggest letting it load completely before pressing play, I’m having trouble with Vimeo these days):

Paisley dress & reading to mummy from meli-mello on Vimeo.

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