An Announcement! An Introduction!

Or, healing maybe I’m just announcing that I would like to introduce my new website

Some of you may recall the little contest I had back in August asking for help naming my new literary website. I had intended to have it up and running by September 1st but here we are two months (and four baby teeth) later and, viagra 40mg well, thatís just life. So far only the introduction and bios are up but Iím hoping to post something every couple days over there.

In other Melanie are you out of your freaking mind? news Ė it is National Novel Writing Month and guess who signed herself up for it again this year. That means I’m not abandoning this site (in case you were wondering) – the other site is purely about Canadian Literature. In fact, I’m hoping to redo this place a little bit too. Maybe if I shoot for Nov. 15th I will have it done by mid-January? I dream big.

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