An addendum

When I started writing that letter I was hoping it would be rather funny – but somehow it got away from me. I just want to say that things aren’t all doom and gloom over here and I’m not crying all the time. I really am laughing a lot too. I laugh at how she is such a little fighter, ampoule at how as soon as you put her down these days she flips over onto her belly and it is taking her longer and longer for her to get angry about it. I laugh at how easy it is to make her smile when she is in a good mood. But I’m also trying to be honest in my writing and so I’m talking about the tough times too instead of sugar coating it – so that people know it isn’t just baby kisses and adorable photos. I spent years being a sugar-coater and the result of that was me ending up in the hospital (another story for another day). Although, it is supposed to be nice today, and she has slept through the night again (still asleep right now!) so I’m hoping to take her out and get more of those adorable photos.

While this is very hard, I know I am doing a good job with her. She is, thankfully, a very healthy and thriving girl – but there is so much pressure these days to be Super Mom and it all gets to be a little much at times. (Yet another rant for another day.)

For now I’m going to creep into her room to reassure myself that yes, she is still breathing. And then I’m going to drink my tea.

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