All is quiet on New Year’s Day

I won’t lie – it’s been a rough day. This sinus cold is kicking my posterior and I’m trying hard not to let the cough settle into my chest. Our party last night was great and even though I was feeling pretty ill I had a really good time. I was hoping to wear my pretty dress again it was definitely a night for jeans, link sweaters, and warm socks and my hands firmly wrapped around a hot drink when they weren’t reaching for a box of tissue. It is, pathopsychology after all, a very casual affair we throw. Moira slept through it all in a playpen in our bedroom (we used her room for coat collection and additional space since it is beside the living room) – she’s a trooper that one.

2008 was nuts in so many ways. I’m only realizing now how stressful it was for the Mister with all the changes he had to make, jobs interviews he had to go through, temporary jobs, a wife giving birth/going through major surgery and a new baby. We went into 2008 unemployed, pregnant and facing a world of unknowns. Moira will insure that our life stays nuts for decades but we face 2009 with a bit more stability and a bit of parental experience behind us. I’m optimistic about 2009 and, thankfully, not the type of person who thinks how you spend New Year’s is indicative of how the rest of your year is going to be. I have a cold – big whoop, these things happen. Nor am I particularly upset about being so sick on my 33rd birthday. I wouldn’t have been doing all that much today other than recovering from the party – although I did have a couple crying fits which had nothing to do with turning older and everything to do with needing to lay down and rest my achy body and throbbing head. It would have been nice to go for a walk but sitting here on the couch eating pie and drinking tea is pretty damn nice too. Moira is asleep and my next task is to take a really hot shower and steam up my lungs. My resolutions don’t start on the 1st anyway – my birthday gives me a days grace which is why, if you want to know the truth, this is my second piece of pie.

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