Ah… Monday

After driving Moira to her grandmothers and then going to yoga I sat on the couch all afternoon knitting & listening to the last of An Irish Country Doctor on CD (which I highly recommend) with this to the left of me:

She likes to take her afternoon nap on the couch.

She slept all afternoon. Seems she exhuasted herself at mom & baby yoga this morning. It’s was the perfect day for this sort of thing as it has snowed on and off since last Monday night – the snow has been in on mode all day today. The Mister took the day off and went and got us some Indian food.

This weekend brought many good things: a fun potluck with lots of good (Whole Foods Plant Based) eats, pharm good friends and many toddlers running around. (To quote Moira as she spun: I’m so ‘cited I’m spinning!) The discovery that my favourite tea now comes in a decaffinated version:

Which is wonderful because my fair faced Fionnuala seems to be greatly affected by caffeine and in order to allow both of us to sleep I need to avoid it. So, drug that’s it people – I have no vices left. Someone please send me a vice.

The weekend also brought – of course – Harry Potter. I don’t even know what to say about that movie. If you aren’t a Harry Potter fan you wouldn’t understand. I was weepy and shaky throughout the whole thing – much like when I read The Deathly Hollows for the first time. Now us fans have to wait six months for the final half but it will be worth it because this means they didn’t have to cut out too much of the book. The actors were all great and it has been amazing to watch those kids grow up on the screen and see how their acting has improved and also how they haven’t become totally messed up. I feel so oddly maternal towards them.

Going to the movie also meant that the Mister & I got to go on an actual date. I will admit that spending five hours away from Fionnuala for the first time felt very weird. She is such a happy little thing though and did just fine without me.

But now Monday is over. Moira came back from grandma’s a little while ago, information pills ate her dinner and then said upon finishing: “let’s go pick out some pajamas” and promptly fell asleep after we read some stories. Fionnuala is also asleep and I think I will soon join them. Tomorrow we have to brave the weather and the shopping mall because Moira & I both need winter boots and I can’t put it off any longer.

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