Because I have been feeling rather tired and uninspired lately I have set myself up with a challenge. I’m going to do one of those Alphabet Meme things which should give me 36 days of writing fodder – which will obviously take us past my due date so we will see how this works shall we?

A is for…


Seriously – that sounds like a rather lame way to start but it is true. I love apples and apple pie and apple sauce and I would probably love Apple Brown Betty if I knew what it was (but it involves baked apples so I am sure it is good and the name is awesome). When I was little I would try the apple pie where ever we went – and was almost always disappointed because it was never as good as my Mums. Most places used canned apples – something I had never heard about and I still don’t understand – what is the point of canned apples? What did I want for birthday cake? Apple pie! (Much to my nephews’ dismay – Birthday Pie is not in their vocabulary). Now the Mister makes me apple pie whenever I want and I really do eat an apple a day.

That being said I am very picky about the type of apples I will eat. I used to think this was because I am a picky freak but now I know it is because most apples suck.

To witness the poverty of choice amoung apples, check just walk into the corner supermarket and look on the shelves. Most chain stores have only three varieties on display: red delicious, golden delicious and Granny Smith. Sometimes a Canadian store will also feature MacIntosh. Looking at such a display, it is useful to keep in mind that at the turn of the last century “there were more than 7,000 apple varieties grown in the United States. By the dawn of the twenty-first century more than 85% of these varieties, more than 6,000 apples, had become extinct.”

Thomas Pawlick in the End of Food (page 26) quoting Andrew Kimbell in Fatal Harvest, The Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture.

I can think of a couple more varieties we get in the stores: Fuji, Gala (my recent favourite although I try to only buy them when they come from B.C. and not when they are shipped from New Zealand! Why are we getting apples from New Zealand?), Spartans, expensive Pink Lady apples at the health food store. There are more varieties out there of course (presumably 1,000 if you do the math) – but the selection around here is rather limited.

I like apples so much I even like apple printed fabric and drawings of apples (see above), although my tastes run more to the stylized version and not the “country kitchen” type.

But don’t worry – no new family members will be saddled with the name Apple.



One of my favourite bands of the last couple years, one of the best concerts I have ever been to and one of the bands I can still stand listening to these days even though a lot of my usual music (Pixies, Sonic Youth etc) has been driving my pregnant body a little crazy.

Check out these two videos – one is of the band performing in an elevator (love the magazine action going on) and the other is a fan-created video set to a Sergio Leone movie – the editing is flawless.

Neon Bible

My Body is a Cage

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