A warning and an admission

I feel as though I should warn you dear readers – the Mister and I went and looked at our first open house today. We are in the very early stages of looking for a home. Now, more don’t get too excited (for those who other people buying homes is exciting) because this could be a year from now for all I know – but we are starting to look and that is something. I’m sure I’m not the only one who hopes the economy gets so bad other people have to give their homes away, ed right? Because that is how we are going to be able to afford to buy so bring on the Recession! (As long as the Mister gets to keep his job.)

So the warning is this – I have been waiting a very long time to own my own home and have a space I can decorate anyway I want and there is a good chance I’m going to be talking about it A LOT – especially since I like looking around the internet for design inspiration.

Dear Future Home Sellers of Calgary,

Please stop renovating your homes to “add value” to the listing price. Despite what your realtor friend may have told you not everyone out there wants Taupe coloured walls. Nor do they want hard ceramic tile in the kitchen. Or plastic/laminate tiles that look ceramic (what is up with that anyway?), or even, *gasp* hard wood flooring in every room! What some of us want is for you to just clean up and knock off the asking price what you would have “put into” the place. If you want to add value make sure the water heater is up-to-date and the roof is in good shape because no matter what colour you paint – it is going to be the wrong colour for the next person. Or the carpet is going to be wrong. Or those cheap “country kitchen” cabinets you put in the kitchen – they are going to be Totally Wrong.

Love, Melanie


I was right – people really do have strong opinions on Doctor Who. After reading the comments we have decided not to abandon it altogether. We do like Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor so we will power through it until next season and see how David Tennant does. Just tell us this – Rose’s Mum dies a horrible death right? Please?

Also – does anyone else get The Hey Song in their heads when they watch Doctor Who? Until about five minutes ago I honestly thought the lyrics were: Dr. Who-oo, Hey! Dr. Who! Dr. Who-oo, Hey! Dr. Who. I’m honestly shocked that they aren’t. Maybe I shouldn’t be admitting that in public. I feel so depressed now that the scales have fallen from my eyes.

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