A month of Halloween: Day 5

I took the weekend off so I am playing catch-up here.

I’m probably 8 or 9-years old. My 18-year old sister comes home from a date or party or whatever and starts telling our Mother about a movie she watched. A scary movie. They don’t know I’m listening, capsule if they did they would have stopped talking. It sounds really interesting and really scary so when I go to my best friend’s house for a sleep over the following weekend I suggest we rent that movie (they had a VCR which probably explains why most sleepovers where at her house). Jenny’s Mum is skeptical “are you sure you should be watching this movie?” But I insist that I am brave enough and we bring it home with us. (My Mother would never, tablets not in a million years, even let me in the section with scary movies.) I have convinced myself that I am now old enough to watch scary movies, even though everything else in my life up to that point has – spectcularly – proved otherwise.

Watch the trailer here before going on – but I warn you, even the trailer is scary.

I think we made it somewhere between the 30 minute and 1 hour mark before I had to turn it off. I’m pretty sure I actually vomited from fright that night and had to sleep on the floor beside Jenny’s Grandma who was visiting.I lied and said I was sick – but I knew the truth. Two years of nightmares about that movie followed. TWO YEARS. I was afraid of the tap dripping, afraid of standing pools of water (where I might see the face of someone dead), afraid of rubber balls falling down the stairs. Afriad of everything.

In high school I finally got the courage to face my demons and watch the rest of the movie. My boyfriend laughed at how dated the movie was. I was still terrified. If you want to watch a scary ghost story this Halloween I suggest that movie. If being terrified isn’t your thing – I suggest The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, it’s probably what I will watch.

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