A month of Halloween: Day 31

The above postcard is from a set of four that my Mum’s friend (and mine too, more about really) Doreen sent me. She read my blog entry about my love for vintage Halloween stuff and saw these reproduction postcards at an antique market and sent them to me. Doreen – you totally made my week with that kind gesture! I tried to scan all four of them but they didn’t turn out very well.

I thought writing about Halloween everyday would bring me closer to it but instead it turned into a chore that made me anxious some days when I couldn’t think of what to write (no surprise there I am sure). I didn’t even decorate the apartment again this year – because I didn’t really get a chance to clean it (that has more to do with Missy Anti-Nap than blogging). I also planned to take various Halloween-themed photos of Moira but my camera has been out of commission for two weeks now (cry!).

However, bulimics here is a little treat for you:

Back when the Mister (on the left) was stalking trying to court me I had a Halloween party. I don’t know who’s idea it was to come as the world’s ugliest Catholic School Girls but it sure was funny. The Mister in particular, approved with his giant gastrocnemiuses, makes one hell of an ugly woman. I love how his little brother (from now on to be known as Dr. LittleBro) and our friend Dr. Luigi didn’t bother to shave. Although I guess the Mister wasn’t so ugly that he scared me away because his stalking courting paid off.

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