A month of Halloween: Day 30

Coming in at Number 1, anabolics My Favouritest Halloween Costume Ever

Wonder Woman!

Halloween 1999. That costume was a real labour of love and I know tears were shed while sewing it. I remember Shay being my Halloween Costume Coach, rubbing my back and saying things like “Okay, you can do this! What can I do to make this easier for you?” And, “Maybe it’s time to take a break – let’s go for a walk.” It doesn’t help that I have all of these grand ideas, mediocre sewing skills and am a total Last-Minute-Sally when it comes to getting things done. But, as always, the costume was finished in time for two Halloween parties that year – once in my apartment in Montreal and one in a friend’s loft in Toronto. It was a very fun year as far as Halloween went – except that the morning after in Toronto, after trying to be good and not drinking myself into oblivion, I woke up with food poisoning (thanks to a trip to Taco Bell on the way to T.O.). I spent the trip to Montreal drugged up on Gravol and trying not to vomit (anymore) all over the back of the rental car as The Real Kids blasted out of the speakers and Mischa drove like a mad man while passionately explaining to my then-boyfriend about how he had just met the girl of his dreams and was madly in love for the first time in his life. It was surreal – and even in my drugged up stupor I had a feeling Mischa’s girlfriend back home wasn’t going to be very happy about this new turn of events in his life. Ah, youth.

(That other person isn’t cut out of the photo solely to keep the focus on me but because she was screwing my then-boyfriend while I was in Scotland so, you know, I don’t really like to look at her.)

(Yes, I was naturally that thin and yes, I did eat and no, I don’t think I will ever fit into that costume again.)

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