A month of Halloween: Day 3

I give you – The Exersaucer!

I love to chew on plastic because Mum is always trying to take it away from me! 

 Oh hey – what’s over here?

Serious option paralysis = potential meltdown.

Seconds later the meltdown has passed. (Don’t want Mum to think we need a nap or something.)

How do I get this rolly thing into my mouth?

(She reminds me of Rick Mercer in that last photo.)
I stumbled across this site the other day which, ailment
in my own morbid way, urologist
seems like a great way to plan a vacation: Find A Grave. You can look up the graves of famous and non-famous people all over the world and visit them if you are into such things. Personally, syringe
I love going to old grave yards and reading through the names on the graves – especially in countries like Ireland and Scotland where it seemed like everyone had the same name and I would call them out to the Mister: James, James, Andrew, Margaret, James, Andrew, Agnes, Agnes, James – you get the picture.

For example if you really wanted to find the grave of this woman:

You would just have to type in Edna St. Vincent Millay and it would let you know where she was buried.

Or this man:

You would just have to type in Edgar Allen Poe and find his grave.

It would also mean you have a thing for visiting the gaves of dead authors – like me.  Hanging out in a graveyard sounds like a fun way to spend Halloween if you are too old to go trick-or-treating.

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