A month of Halloween: Day 29

Coming in at Number 2: B Movie Space Girls

The Halloween after the Fallen Angel summer I decided my roommate Shay and I should go as B Movie Space Girls. I’m not sure where I got this idea but I was really excited about it. By this time I had a sewing machine (yay!) but my excitement out weighed my actual sewing expertise (it always does) and so I had to make a lot of adjustments to these dresses to make them fit. For example: they weren’t originally going to have shoulder cut outs like that – the pattern I was basing these dresses on was for stretch fabric – which this silver stuff definitely wasn’t. Opps.  That fabric was a real pain-in-the-ass to work with and I’m pretty sure some tears were spilt while sewing. I made the dresses and Shay wrangled up the supplies for the headgear (big styrofoam balls spray painted silver with pipe cleaners stuck in them) and Dollarstore guns. It was worth it in the end – for one thing, more about Shay never drank except for on Halloween (at least back then) and was the world’s cutest drunken B Movie Space Girl ever. We also got to wear these costumes together again when I went to visit her in Berkeley a couple years later but that Halloween wasn’t nearly as fun (long story). I also ended up lending this costume to G. one year and I still have it but I think that crap fabric is on it’s last legs. Still, I am saving all of these costumes (or most of them) so Moira can have a dress-up box when she is older.

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