A month of Halloween: Day 28

My top three favourite costumes (that I made).

Coming in at Number 3: Angels: The Fallen and The Good

This is a great Duo costume. I had made myself a Fallen Angel costume the previous Halloween but was excited to have the chance to improve upon it. This wasn’t for Halloween but instead for a costume party when I was “studying” French in Quebec City one summer. I was very excited when I heard (or when someone translated) that there was going to be a costume party and the lovely lady you see to my right (who we will call G.) was game for anything – almost. When I suggested we be good and bad angels she looked a little shocked and said “I get to be the good angel right?” Ah G. you crazy Christian. I had never met anyone who actually wanted to be the Good Angel before! And then she called her sister and told her about our costumes and her sister said, order “You get to be the good Angel, thumb right?” Hilarious. She does look stunningly angelic though – that is her natural goodness shining through. I could write many stories about G. and I but she is probably going to freak out that I put her picture on the internet and so I won’t say anymore.

Anyway – for this costume you visit the local Village de Valeur and buy some slips. For the Fallen Angel you burn the crap out of the slip and put a black slip underneath. Then you make two sets of wings but you bend and break the Fallen Angel’s wings and burn the crap out of them too. This was before you could buy wings everywhere so I had to sew them by hand. And – if you are awesome like me – you get into a serious accident rollerblading a couple weeks before (in which an ambulance had to be called) so you have scrapes and bruises all over your face and knees and are wearing a cast on your wrist. I sewed those wings by hand with that cast on ’cause I’m a trouper.

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