A month of Halloween: Day 23

Etsy did not disappoint.

Patty and the Pumpkin by Loopyboopy. How creepy and awesome are these dolls? (Or is it just me? Amanda, treat you don’t have to answer that.)

Haunted Mansion Pendant by Adorapop.

Monster Mash Shadow Puppets by Orange Moon Toys.  (I’m not really trying to turn Moira into a disturbed child – honest!)
This link: Super Simple Songs was sent to me by my friend Jen after I wrote asking if anyone knew any Halloween games. It is perfect for hosting a Halloween party for really small children – which I plan on doing some day.

Incidently, melanoma
that link to Jen has a video of her son Kale in his Jolly Jumper that is ridiculously funny – at least to me since I too have a small baby – and makes me wish that a)my camera was working b)I knew how to edit video and c)Moira had a Jolly Jumper.

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