A month of Halloween: Day 15

As far as I can recall, stuff I never went to any Halloween parties when I was little. I don’t think they are terribly popular where I live, sales at least not for little kids. This is something I really want to do for our children (in addition to trick-or-treating because I’m not going to deny them that).

I have been thoroughly enjoying going through Halloween Guy’s photos and looking at the vintage games. I find them unbelievably charming. They are from an era where I would  loved to have attended a Halloween party. Where I suspect it was more about games, allergist ghost stories and getting dressed up than about sitting around watching blood-splattering movies like Saw 5 (will never – ever – watch any of the Saw movies) in costumes that are prefaced with the word slutty (ie. Slutty Nurse, Slutty Librarian etc. etc.)

Anyone have Halloween games suggestions for me?

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