A month of Halloween: Day 10

We’ve all heard horror stories about children trick-or-treating and receiving poisoned candy or apples full or razor blades. I’m sure everyone had a version of the post-Halloween, cialis “lets make sure the candy is safe but really Dad just wants to steal all your Tootsie Rolls” rigmarole that my siblings and I had to go through. I never really stopped to think about whether they were true or not until I read Death Makes a Holiday. The opening chapter talks about The Candyman aka Ronald Clark O’Bryan who tried to poison his two children – successfully killing his son – on Halloween in order to collect $40, treat 000 worth of life insurance he took out on them a couple weeks before. Halloween hysteria was present before O’Bryan killed his son (which is why he took advantage of it) but a lot of it has been debunked as random incidents or totally unrelated events.

I wasn’t able to cut and paste anything from the Snopes site but if you want a rundown on most of the Halloween candy horror-stories being debunked click here. It makes me sad that we can’t hand out homemade stuff anymore – I would way rather get a ball of caramel corn or a rice crispy square than those break-your-teeth molasses kisses.

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