A love letter to 2016

Oh, hello 2017, how’s it going? People sure are glad to meet you. Of course, I am too but I’m not as down on 2016 as everyone else seems to be. I mean sure, there was the whole Trump thing and a large number of celebrities died so it was “a bad year for music” if the headlines are to be believed. And shitty things happened every where just like they do every year but I’m still not able to write off 2016.

In fact, I’m never able to write off a year because every year is full of bad things but also amazingly beautiful moments. I feel like 2016 was full of moments of such breathtaking beauty that I’m going to share them.

  • I didn’t die. That’s a pretty big one. As Al Pacino said in Scarface: “Any day above ground is a good day.” I made it to my 41st birthday.
  • The whole community around me rallied to help us get through chemotherapy. Food arrived, packages were sent, help was offered. And even though I was so sick I barely remember last winter, I do remember the overwhelming feeling of friendship and love from everyone.
  • We pulled the girls out of school and went on an amazing road trip and went to places I had never been before but had always wanted to see (like Salt Spring Island). We saw friends and family along the way and had many adventures.
  • Mister and I took our first child-free vacation since becoming a mom and went to ANOTHER place I had always wanted to go before: Newfoundland.
  • I got to spend more time with my parents than I had in years – once when they came out to help while I was going through chemo and again when I felt better and took the girls to Ontario for a month last summer.
  • My daughters grew and grew and became funnier and more beautiful every day. Sure, some days they also make me cry but I’m pretty sure they make me laugh more than they make me cry.
  • TWO daughters are now in full-day school. This is wonderful thing.
  • I read some amazing books.
  • We went from potty-training to being completely diaper-free (even at night) in less than a year.
  • I joined a choir, which is probably the best form of therapy I can have right now. The surprise in all this was that I really enjoy the sermons at that particular church. So now my BFF have a standing date on Sunday mornings to go together (when I’m not singing) which means I get to see her every week.
  • I completed a story I had been working on for a long time. That was the first time I wrote something longer than an article or a blog post to completion. Another two stories are currently in the works.
  • I started blogging again, even if it is sporadic.
  • Still not dead.

So, 2016 you were pretty good in spite of all the horrible things going on in the world. Whenever I feel down about things (a year of terrible hair, still have terminal cancer)  I just need to look at my amazing life. And then I think with horror that there was probably a mom in Aleppo with a number of children AND cancer who was terrified for her life and theirs. I think she is allowed to say that 2016 was a terrible year, but you won’t hear it from me.

I’m welcoming 2017 with big open arms, and a lot of hope in my heart.

What are your hopes/plans/prayers for 2017?

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