A little of this, a little of that

I’ve gotten tired of feeling like my brain is atrophying these days and to fix this I am trying to read interesting articles and watch movies that have more than just explosions as their plot lines (don’t blame the Mister for that either – I’m the one who chooses that particular escape). I’m taking my brain back in little fits and starts – a short story before bed, click middle-of-the-night article reading (on the iPhone) while Fionnuala decides if she is going to go back to sleep or not (this takes a good two hours) & more movie nights with the Mister. It feels good to be able to talk about something that has nothing to do with children. (That being said I read 17 Little Golden Books today. Seventeen. Some of them more than once. Not all of them are golden either – know what I’m saying?)

Here’s what I have been doing lately:

I’ve had An Education on my to-watch list for over a year now and finally got to it on the weekend. It was just as lovely and British as I expected it to be. Don’t Mulligan and Sarsgaard look stunning in the above photo? But knowing that it was based on a real story I wanted to know the real story, prescription it just seemed too glamorous – and it was. A quick Google search brought me to this article by journalist Lynn Barber. It is her 2-year relationship with an older man (starting when she was 16) that the movie is based on.

The affair – if it was an affair – drifted on, partly because no proper boyfriends showed up, partly because I had become used to my strange double life of schoolgirl swot during the week, restaurant-going, foreign-travelling sophisticate at weekends. And this life had alienated me from my school friends: if they said, “Are you coming to Eel Pie Jazz Club on Saturday?”, I would say: “No, I’m going to Paris with Simon.” Of course my friends all clamoured to meet Simon, but I never let them. I was afraid of something – afraid perhaps that they would see through him, see, not the James Bond figure I had depicted, but this rather short, rather ugly, long-faced, splay-footed man who talked in different accents and lied about his age, whose stories didn’t add up.

The article didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the movie either since it was meant to be a highly fictionalized account. I was worried at the end of the movie that she would give up all the dresses she was bought. I certainly wouldn’t.


Have you read The New Yorker article about Paul Haggis’s defection from The Church of Scientology? I read it the other night and am fascinated. Haggis is an Oscar winning director (Crash, Million Dollar Baby) who was in the church (or should I say, the “church”) for 35 years.  I still feel like I know very little about Scientology except that it seems like a mixture of a little bit of common sense psychology and a lot of full-blown crazy with aliens thrown in for good measure.


I keep thinking about this blog post and it makes me a bit worried about people. It has been almost two months since I have given up Facebook and I don’t really miss it – although I miss some people who will only keep in touch through it. I’m not really a computer game kind of gal though. I too would rather be working in a real garden.


Tuesday night we watched Exit Through the Gift Shop (thanks Alexis for reminding me about this one). Have you seen it? What do you think? I’m still thinking it is a hoax and am curious to see if Banksy shows up to The Oscars.


What have you been up to lately?

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