A list of good things.

Today is my first Moira-free day in a couple weeks and – I won’t lie – it has been blissful. I had a to-do list a mile long (my poor kitchen floors are in desperate need of a wash, treat nothing was unpacked this weekend) but after getting my gestational diabeties test done this morning and having to go see an Obstetrician this afternoon I’m pretty much beat right now. Currently I am resting on the bed with the computer on my lap. I am now 30 weeks pregnant and feel as big as a house. In fact, eczema I was complaining to the Mister the other day that I have never felt so unattractive in my life. I’ve had a terrible rash on my face since the moment I found out I was pregnant, find I have a crappy hair cut (note to self: never cut your hair again when you are about to gain a lot of weight) and I kind of hate my glasses but don’t have any other options right now. When I was pregnant with Moira I still felt rather cute but this time cute is the exact opposite of how I feel.

However, things aren’t at all bad so I’m going to list the good instead:

} At the Ob/Gyn today she was encouraging about having a VBAC and when they checked the baby was head down. I think at this point in my pregnancy with Moira she was already stuck and couldn’t roll over. Miss Sprig is a lot more active than Moira was, I can feel her doing somersaults in there.

} Moira & I have started attending a new play group where there are lots of moms and babies – some really young babies – which is great for both of us. This one is longer (which means it is a lot more flexible for when you can arrive) and unlike the other one I went to it isn’t just me and the nannies hanging out together. Moira is excited to go back tomorrow so she can hold a baby.

} Yesterday afternoon I hung out (sans toddler) with two women I was great friends with in elementary & junior high. It was refreshing and relaxing and is always fun to talk to people who once knew you so well.

} I didn’t do anything for the Mister for Father’s Day (or for my own father this year) but I have to take this time to mention how unbelievably awesome he is. This weekend Moira was a real handful in the mornings – meaning she was out of bed by 5:30 a.m. and in full meltdown/tantrum mode by 7:30 (and yes, I tried getting her back into bed). It seemed like everything I did was wrong and after two terrible nights sleeps on my part (bad heartburn these days) my coping skills were at an all time low. But the Mister did what he always does when she is like that and he takes her away because there is no yelling at mummy. Then he went to his parents and helped his Dad build a deck all day. Then he came home and made a lasagna for his lunches this week. That was Saturday. Sunday was similar except that after she calmed down from the scream fest we went for a walk, went to a playground, went for ice cream and then he went to his parents and worked on the deck (she went with him, grandma looked after her while I was with my friends). When we got home – and even though he was exhausted from building a deck – he planted some raspberry plants he got from his parents’ yard and did some work around the house. Seriously – the man is unstoppable lately and all I can do is whinge about how uncomfortable I am getting.

} I won something! My friend from the blogosphere Alix has an awesome blog called Modern Kiddo and they were having a Mini Me Paper Doll giveaway and I remember loving paperdolls when I was little so I entered – and won! Although really, Miss Moira won and she is going to lose it when she gets them. This is the girl who got a care package from her Auntie Amanda & Mama last week and squealed “Oooooh, clothes for Moira!” when she opened it. You can check out the artist’s website here. And I just noticed that she has a Girls In Literature line of outfits for your paper doll – how awesome is that!

Okay, there is more good stuff (there always is but I’ve gotten into the habit of only writing when I am frusterated or upset and that is a bad habit) but I should really go and do something productive before Missy gets home.

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