A good weekend

The Mister was away at camp on the weekend so I had a lot of down time. Last weekend was way too busy for me which is probably why I got sick.

A w.i.p. turned into a finished object:

It’s a terrible picture, cystitis I know, and I have no image of the FO yet since our friend whose camera we usually use has been needing hers lately (the nerve!) One of these days we will get a decent one of our own. The point is, I actually finished something this year – 15 days shy of the end but still. Finished!

I vacuumed:

Oh, doesn’t that look like someone vacuuming? Let’s try again:

Meet Zorg. Our robot vacuum. I also vacuumed last weekend. That makes it twice in December and lets see… probably twice in the last three months. I have to say, I don’t normally get excited about gadgets (or even want them usually) but this is the little Christmas present that could! Apparently he loves hair – boy, has he come to the right place. Our unbelievably ugly (and probably toxic) carpets have never been so clean! (Bonus points if you know why we named him Zorg).

I also took part in the Chicken Hat:

She’s right – it is impossible to be grouchy when wearing the Chicken Hat. Also, I like how Jocelyn can make me look good with a chicken on my head – I think it has more to do with her personality than any article of clothing but if she wants to chalk it up to Chicken Hat who am I to argue.

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