A full weekend & a question

Friday night found Miss Moira having her first sleep-over at Grandma’s place and it was, generic to no one’s surprise, prostate a success. She sleeps through the nights these days and loves going to Grandma and so with a combination of: I have to spend 24 hours away from my little girl? & Get this tantrumy child away from me! we dropped her off on Friday night and went out for dinner and to see a movie. Yes, buy this means we spent time together without the child and it had nothing to do with renovations or homeownership. Imagine? It was lovely. We even bought a present for Sprig (our nickname for #2) who, thus far, has had nothing bought for her.

Saturday we spent our childless time running errands, emptying the storage locker and working on organizing the house. Sunday we spent the day working on the house too (some of us spent time in the pool) and so by Sunday evening the Mister and I fell into bed exhausted but with a real sense of accomplishment. Even the crib has been put together (with help from Moira) and half of my sewing space is now organized. Things feel good.

Today Little Miss is back at her grandma’s place and I’m back working on the house. There is currently a tower of book boxes staring at me wanting to be unpacked. Hopefully there will be a nap in my near future too.


Question: Do you prefer to go out to the movies or to stay at home? The Mister and I almost never go out and only did so this time because we were given a gift card at Christmas that allowed us to affordably do so. But we both found it rather depressing – the price of tickets, the price of food (we brought our own snacks of course), the AMOUNT of food people purchase and then just leave behind on the floor, the onslaught of commericals you have to sit through (I swear there were at least give cell phone commercials)… It all seemed like a big waste to us. Also, we were hard pressed to find anything we wanted to see. We ended up seeing Robin Hood which was, like any Russell Crowe/Ridley Scott movie, exactly what you would expect it to be – Gladiator with bows and arrows. People always complain about having kids and not being able to go out to the movies anymore but we don’t really feel like we are missing anything.

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