A couple extra B’s and a C for you.

Breech Baby = Caesarian.

What else is there to say but that really? I went for an ultrasound today and the doctor’s and my suspicions were right – baby has got it’s little (or, condom apparently, find not so little) head firmly planted at the top of my fundus. What I thought were high contractions are really headbutts from the inside, practitioner I’m thinking I can even see a little bruise there but that is probably from something else. It does explain why I am super numb and sensitive in that area.

After the ultrasound I went to see my doctor who sent me to the hospital to have an Obstetrics consult. I’ve spent the past week coming to terms with the fact that if Wrackspurt was breech he/she has been in the same position for at least a month now – I can tell because those hiccups he/she gets 5x a day are always in the same spot (in fact, the baby has them right now). I’ve spent the last week lying in uncomfortable positions, with the blood rushing to my head, playing music to my crotch and other various things to try and turn this baby but baby seems to be snug where it is. Maybe the baby will turn on it’s own but either way I have decided to forgo the version since my close friend who is an Obs/Gyn said that at this stage it could hurt the baby – and will definitely hurt me and they will get me all prepared to have a caesarian anyway just in case.

Is this a huge disappointment? Yes, terribly. Am I scared? The last couple times the dentist has come near me with local anesthetic I have cried and started shaking because it makes me feel so terrible (pathetic but true) – but I think this Mama-to-be said it best when she found out that she was in the same situation:

PLEASE don’t tell me how evil hospitals and doctors are and how they are just doing this to make their life easier. I already hate hospitals and was upset that I couldn’t just have this baby at home but luckily everyone at the hospital today was very kind and supportive which eased my fears a little bit.

PLEASE don’t give me advice at this point on how to get this baby to turn – believe me, I’ve read it and will keep trying in the hopes that maybe it will turn itself but I have to be okay with this decision despite the fact that I have spent the last 9 months getting my body and mind ready for a medication free labour. What is most important is a healthy baby and a healthy Mum and this is what is best for the baby no matter how disappointing it is. My main goal these last 9 months has been to be able to bond with the baby right away and to get breast feeding started as soon as possible – apparently that is still possible (for a little while) even with the caesarian. I just hope I am still the fast healer I used to be.

So… our baby has a birth date but I am not announcing it here. I’ll just have to keep posting about random trivialities every day to keep people guessing.

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