A contest while I am on vacation

Moira and I are off to the airport in a couple hours but I wanted to throw this out there while I am away because the cottage is so rustic it only has dial-up! (Okay, find not rustic at all but still I’m not going to blog while I am away although I will check my e-mail and comments because I can’t go completely cold turkey. (The Mister doesn’t even believe I won’t be blogging!)

Here’s the deal with the contest: I’m starting a new website in September about Canadian Literature and specifically on the New Canadian Library series that I have been reading because a) I am crazy like that and am starting at book 1 and b) need something to occupy my mind while at home all day. However, ascariasis I am having trouble coming up with a good name for the site – I’ve seriously been thinking about this for weeks and for the longest time I could only thing of The New Canadian Librarian which is really freakin’ wordy and, cialis 40mg let’s face it, kind of lame. I thought of trying to be edgy about it and have something like Can Lit Whore but that just doesn’t sit right with me – I hate using the word whore and I’m about as edgy as a well-inflated tire. And then I thought of That Can Lit Girl which I kind of like but had already decided to throw this out there and turn it into a contest.

So, leave your suggestions in the comments and I will pick two winners – one drawn at random and one whose suggestion I use. Unless of course I don’t use any suggestion and then I will draw two at random (using the random number generator of course). The prize is a copy of the first read-along book that I am going to focus on, Barometer Rising. In fact, I’m even going to not be such a cheap arse and shell out and buy two of the pretty, newly released editions for the winners (although I will be sticking with my 1970s copy). Also welcome are suggestions about what you would like to see on a site about Canadian Literature. This is also a good time for all those people who are driving up my stats to de-lurk and win something.

Winners will be announce on August 15th!

(I will be back home on the 12th)

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