A brief overview of the busiest weekend I’ve had in years

I don’t know if I am exhausted because this weekend was probably the busiest three days I have had in a year – and they were all in one weekend – or if I am coming down with whatever it was that was making one of our nephews puke all day yesterday. Either way I hardly had a chance to take any photos this weekend and most of the ones I did take = pure crap.

A brief overview of the weekend.

Friday: Picked up Dr. LittleBro from airport. Ate copious amounts of Indian food. Laid around feeling full and fat and falling asleep on the living room floor. Tried and get Moira to nap (as well as napping myself) because her sleeping habits over the past week have also = pure crap and we were going to be out late. Spent the evening with friends who live in the neighbourhood eating some of the best homemade pizza around (and I’m a connoisseur of homemade pizza – I blame the Mister because he makes amazing pizza and now I will rarely eat any other kind). Other than having a lot of fun, thumb one of the great things about this night was that Moira slept in her stroller all the way there and back. The only other option experience has been screamed in her stroller there and back – it made a nice change.

Saturday: Pictured above is Missy lounging at the Champagne and OJ breakfast. I can’t believe I even bothered to go since she had me up every three hours during the night (once she finally fell asleep – I don’t even want to talk about what was going on before then). I had hoped that by keeping her up a little later on Friday night she would sleep longer. I live in hope. I was so ridiculously tired on Saturday I could barely eat. We spent Saturday night with the Mister’s family celebrating a bunch of birthdays (mine included). I wasn’t expecting my birthday to be part of the deal or that I would be getting a new sweater as part of the celebrations – it was a nice surprise. The nephews were so high strung though in that way only kids who know they are getting a crap load of presents the next day can be – I’m so happy Moira isn’t at that stage yet.

Sunday: Dawn did not see me cheerfully running up the hill to go swimming even though it should have. Sleep is a hot commodity these days and I’m not willing to relinquish possible sleep minutes for anything. However, hospital since I didn’t go swimming I had the opportunity to colour my hair. Exciting, hospital no? Sunday afternoon saw us back at the In-Law’s place for an early Christmas Day. To be honest, I’m always overwhelmed by his Mother’s exuberance when it comes to Christmas and presents and we came home with a car full of things. Seriously – it is going to take me a couple days to find homes for everything. However, my new mantra is to just let it go.  So, I try to let it all slide off my back since this is how she wants to celebrate Christmas. To be honest she did a pretty good job of not going too overboard (especially for a woman who never had a daughter and now has a granddaughter). Plus, I got another new sweater and these beauties:

(Plus two more pairs of socks! Yes, I get that excited over warm socks.) However, the most shocking gift was a green silk dress. I really wasn’t expecting it even though I had tried it on. Needless to say, I will be wearing it to the Mister’s company Christmas party Thursday night.

Sunday also brought us a beautiful city of snow:

In all honesty I think the best present the Mister and I got was Moira falling asleep both nights at her grandparent’s place in the playpen. I’m not even kidding about that. She slept – somewhere else. It was amazing.

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