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Today is my “day off” which means Moira spends the day with her grandma. A little while ago Andreae tagged me with 8 questions and since I have been running around like mad today and my feet are starting to swell and my day off is soon to end I thought I would sit down and finish these off. (But then I got up and made dinner, approved dealt with a Moira meltdown and hung out with the Mister who is now home YAY! So much for resting.)
1. Is there anything you’ve ever eaten that was so delicious that you think of it and go kind of misty-eyed to this very day?
Sticky Toffee Pudding from outside of Aberdeen (I asked my Dad for the name of the place and then promptly forgot it when I got off the phone.)
Toffee Loaf from some bakery stand in Belfast. I think we ended up going back every day to that bakery place and buying more.
As you can see – I’m a big fan of toffee.
2. Are you a city person or country person? Half and half? Why?
Well, page I’ve never lived in the country but I don’t think it would bother me. I also don’t think I would mind living in a small town. Calgary is what we locals like to call a really small city of a million people – I run into people i know all the time and everyone seems to know everyone else. I suspect the fact that I grew up here plays a big part in making it seem small. I’m not sure I would want to live anywhere bigger but it is all what you make of it isn’t it?
3. You know how, before you actually have kids, you have all these parenting principles (“I’m going to home-school/make all the clothes/never buy junk food/bury the tv in the back yard”), and then when you actually have to raise a kid/kids, you end up kind of abandoning said principles? Do you have any of those? Do you feel guilty? Liberated? Indifferent?
I’ve stuck to a couple of them that I think are really important – like the no-tv rule. However, we’ll see how well I do once I have two of them to look after. I also rarely give her juice but I’ve been breaking down a bit lately because what I am supposed to do when her cousins are sitting there drinking juice boxes and she isn’t? I think the biggest thing for me has been to let go and let other people – like her grandmother – just be the kind of grandma they are going to be without me trying to hold on too tight to the reigns. Letting go is scary but also liberating and since everyone in the world is different the kids have to learn about that too.
But there are things like “no plastic toys” that I have found impossible to avoid and I always thought it would be nice to sew clothes for the kids but time and space have been a constraint on that one. As for homeschooling? Ha! At least that was never part of my plan since I know it would be detremental for the kids to stay home and learn from me. Moira already counts to 11 – she’s going to be bored of me by the time she enters kindergarten.

4. What’s the loveliest place you’ve ever traveled? Could be wildly exotic or comfortingly local.
I love Ireland and Scotland. The weather is pretty much perfect there for me and the Mister and even though I haven’t travelled much if I had a choice of going somewhere right now I would go back. I like the idea of returning to a place and really getting to know it and since I have no plans to be a world traveller I chose Ireland and Scotland. Ideally I would love to be able to rent a house and stay for a month or more. I should probably start buying lotto tickets if I ever want that dream to come true.
5. Okay, same as Sigrid: Laundry tips? Please?
Tips? Get your own washing machine! Okay, that isn’t really a tip but it is a luxury I am enjoying for the first time since leaving home almost 15 years ago. It is so nice not to have to save change and it means I can actually divide up the laundry, do smaller loads if I need to and wash things in hot water that is actually hot. Having a place to hang things up outside is pure bliss too.
6. Do you have a life plan, or do you just sort of truck along?
I have things I want to do with my life – things I think are important – but I find that if you try to make definite plans you just end up dissapointed because life likes to throw things at you and is ever and always changing. My plan right now is to spend time turning our babies into children we can live with (and yes, some days I feel like I am failing miserably – and some days I don’t). This means giving up certain things for now but I also think of it as a) really important since we will be living with these people for a long time and b) a small fraction of my life before these little ones go to school and I lose what little control I like to think I have. So I try not to focus on all the things I’m not doing right now and just be happy with the ones I am doing – this is hard for me though.
7. Would friends of the teenage you recognize the current you? Would you still get along?
Friends would definitely recognize me as I don’t really look that much different. Weird but true. (Okay, right now I look different since I’m so pregnant and was never a pregnant teenager but you know what I mean.) I know some of us would get along. I don’t really know how to answer this question to make it interesting but I bet they would say I am a lot less prudish.
8. Any novels to recommend for an almost-seven-year-old girl? What were your favourites? Which are you looking forward to sharing with your own kid(s)?
Well, I’ve got some reviews coming up for Second Story Press and they have a lot of books geared towards young girls. They have this Gutsy Girl series that I think is pretty good – it is labeled age 9-12 though and I really have no idea what reading level an almost 7-year old girl would be at. Now, if you wanted to know what the 2-year old set was reading this summer… I would be the one to help you out!
Okay, I don’t usually tag people but since I love reading these things I’m going to tag: Jen (if she isn’t too busy with her move), Anne (who doesn’t have kids yet so she can tell us all about her great plans once she does), Alison and anyone else who wants to play along.

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