7-months old and what we have been up to lately

Moira’s grandma is back from another vacation which means I was down to one child today. On days like this I always have a list of things I should do while Moira is out but then Fionnuala starts being all cute and I remember that she too deserves some one-on-one time.

Besides, cough these cheeks require a lot of kissing:

Pardon my french but Fuck she is a cute baby. I just want to eat her alive.

Things are getting back to normal around here – and by normal I mean Fionnuala has turned back into my super happy baby and is sleeping better at night. She turned 7-months old last Friday and is rolling and sometimes army-crawling herself around the living room non-stop. Two things my baby girls have in common: non-stop movement. Moira was never into sitting and, viagra 60mg even though Fionnuala is sitting up in this photo – she soon fell over and rolled away. (She can’t sit up on her own yet.) I spent some time reading up on what month seven was like for Moira and during that time she got five teeth in the space of two weeks. She was working on tooth #10 before she turned 8-months. No wonder she was miserable a lot of the time. Fionnuala is still stalled at two teeth – maybe she is too busy babbling and screeching to be teething? Either way, symptoms my happy girl is back and it is wonderful.

This past week my sister & her family were visiting. I baked a bunch of goodies, had them over for dinner, made a trip out to Banff and learned that Moira needs a calm, patient 7-year old to play with because she loved having her cousin Thomas around. (Also learned that I need to go to the mountains more often – such beauty.) Thomas wasn’t so sure about Moira at first (she wouldn’t stop talking and asking him questions) but by Sunday he wouldn’t leave to go for lunch with his family instead opting to stay at our place and play. They played for six hours straight. Moira was beyond exhausted and cried when they left.

Yes, life is a little messy and bohemian around here.

Other than that I have been thinking a lot and reading a little about gardening. We have a huge yard and I want to plan things out well. I’m starting to feel better now that Fionnuala isn’t nursing non-stop from midnight until morning and hopefully can get back to blogging (sleep, how I missed you so). Over the past couple weeks I’ve written a number of posts that I haven’t felt are polished enough to publish – I’m trying to write a series on manners and one about letting go. Maybe I should just stick to cute kid pictures for a while.

What have you been up to? I am terribly excited about Spring but since the Mister just came inside from shovelling snow (and it is still snowing) it hasn’t really arrived here yet.

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