41 is a magic number

Forty one years ago today, medicine these two children…

…got married. Now, my Mother is actually 19 years old here – not a 12-year old playing dress up, which is how she looks like to me. My Father, age 21, was 120 pounds of pure bone. Mum is wearing a rented dress. Dad, apparently, paid $10 a month to Peoples Jewelers for two years to pay off her engagement ring. Look at those ears people – how could she resist him? And of course, we know what happened with those ears. I came much later though, after they had my brother and sister in the sixties and thought they were done.

Growing up I knew I was one of those lucky kids – my parents still held hands, gave each other long hugs when they returned home from work and I was always in disbelief (and sometimes denial) when other kids parents started getting divorced.

Today my parents are driving from the cottage in N.S. to my sister’s place in N.B. as they begin the return trek across the country from where they spend the summer to their home on the prairies where they spend a portion of the winter. And while I know they drive each other a little nuts sometimes, I think after 41 years of marriage if you can still spend 10 days traveling in a car with someone and not kill each other you must be doing something right.

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