38 weeks – the beginning of the end?

I can’t lie – I’m really bloody tired these days. I didn’t feel like this at the end of my pregnancy with Moira because she never dropped (or turned over for that matter – she was breech and therefore delivered via cesarean). At my doctor’s appointment today she told me to make an appointment for next week but she suspects I will be having the baby before then and my prenatal will turn into a postnatal baby check-up.  Baby has been head down and in the right position for quite a while now. I think she is ready and I certainly feel done right now – and a little ill.

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Bath belly at 35 weeks.

My Mum is here right now – she decided to come early too – and that has been an amazing help. I feel so huge I can barely move and I have constant braxton hicks contractions. I’ve been wanting to write a post about Moira for the last week – and about her last moments as an only child – but I just haven’t had the energy.

Here is a bath belly shot from the last pregnancy for comparison. My bathroom is much nicer (and mold free) this time around.


Edited to add: My water broke while writing this post. No wonder I’m feeling rough today. Perhaps I will see you on the other side?

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