36/37 Weeks or Just how pregnant am I?

There is some debate as to how far along I am – that is why they call it an estimated due date after all and why I won’t tell people a definite date. I know the date the doctor thinks the baby is coming and I know the date I think the baby is going to come. And then, buy information pills a couple weeks ago my Mum informed me that both her and my sister only went to 38 weeks from conception with all of their children which has given me another estimated due date and put the pressure on a bit to get things ready. At least, approved it has put the pressure on in theory since I still haven’t packed my hospital bag yet. However, I think I can be fairly certain that this baby is staying in until April because a) I went to the doctors this week and am still measuring at 36 weeks (her estimate) and nothing seems to be happening and b) babe isn’t allowed out until April. Seriously – I will sew my legs shut if I have to.

That being said – I feel huge. Clothing that was still rather big on me a couple of weeks ago no longer fit (in fact, that photo above is almost my entire wardrobe these days). Things like bending over are no longer an option (the kitchen floor? – it has looked better). The weather has been beautiful here and yesterday morning I woke up thinking I would like nothing better than to go for a run – not a waddle – a run. I settled for a long waddle but it just wasn’t the same.

Dear Wrackspurt,

Please stop trying to rip Mummy apart at the seams. Apparently, my belly button is just going to flatten out until I split down the middle and I would appreciate it if you could just chill out for a couple of weeks and bake without the need to increase the size of your oven. Your Father likes things well done anyway and he says you can’t come out until you are nice and crispy. Believe me, it will be worth it and you will be here soon enough.

Luv, Mum

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