Parties and Possible Paranoia

Today I worked on the invitation for our annual New Year’s Eve Open House/Birthday Party (see photo above – now ALL the Uglies are going to want party hats). I think it is a testament to how boring loyal our friends are that they have been calling us and asking if we are having our party again this year – a party where people squeeze into our living room/kitchen, skincare sit on the floor and forget to drink the booze they bring. Although people do get rather excited about the alcohol-free mulled apple cider I serve (I make it so I can have something to drink but it is also good with spiced rum).

Moira napped for 45 minutes in her crib this morning – I made muffins. While I was in the kitchen baking I thought, this must be how the other half live. The other half being those who have babies that nap. She still needed me to lay down with her in the afternoon to calm her down but the last four days have seen her having 25-45 minute naps in her crib. This hasn’t happened for about two months. Maybe it’s because the two top teeth have finally broken through? Maybe she has contracted some horrible disease and I’m just too ignorant to realize it? She has been very tired today. She was in bed before 7 p.m. and I haven’t heard a peep out of her since. That settles it – she is obviously on deaths door. Excuse me while I go poke the baby.


Ack! I just noticed there are Ads on my blog! Why are there Ads on my blog? Can anyone else see them? How evil is that – I didn’t sign up for these (and I’m certainly not making any money from them). I suspect it is this new template. Must investigate.

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