31 in 31 recap

Well, men’s health this year I did 13 out of 31 things on my 31 in 31 list. Not quite what I wanted but considering some of them: getting pregnant and work, stuff made other things harder I’m not beating myself up too much. Here is the finished list:

  • Start writing book reviews for another venue other than the Big City newspaper I actually started writing for two new venues – but then the newspaper made some cutbacks and now I don’t get to write for them anymore.
  • Find a new job This is the one I have been repeatedly successful at this year, at least now I have a job I love. Edited: Well, the job I love became the job that stopped paying so I had to go out and find another job while 5 months pregnant which isn’t as easy as it sounds. This has been the year of the jobs which has meant a lot of change and stress.
  • Get pregnant. Whoa – where did this one come from you very well might ask? Well, it wasn’t always on the list but it was on my mind – I just didn’t want to share it with the whole wide web. Of course, now that I am pregnant the rest of this list is going to hell.
  • Significantly reduce the amount of fabric in my stash. Didn’t happen but I don’t think I bought ANY fabric this year either so I didn’t add to the stash either.
  • Learn to use my serger I took a lesson and feel more confident about using it but haven’t actually made anything.
  • Complete a short story
  • Submit a short story to be published
  • Go overseas with the Mister Three weeks in Ireland and Scotland in the Fall
  • Start doing yoga and keep doing it for more than 2 months (the amount of time I kept it up last summer before destroying my toe on a metal door.) I started this in the summer and then got pregnant right away and couldn’t keep it up. I did go to prenatal yoga but couldn’t even commit to all the classes due to tiredness and new job issues.
  • Start swimming again
  • Go out of town to visit a friend Shay came to town and we went out of town to visit another friend. I have another friend who lives in the province I might go visit too.
  • Find ways to reduce the amount of plastic in our home (or at least what we are bringing in.) Not completely but this is a constant work-in-progress, not using shampoo and trying to make our own bath products is helping. I hope to do much better with this one next year.
  • Start composting in the apartment (worms!) Sadly, no.
  • Sew a dress, a top out of knit fabric and a skirt
  • Finish the bug baby quilt
  • Give the apartment at least one thorough scrubbing I’m counting this even though the office is still a mess – the rest of the apartment has been looking really good and scrubbed lately.
  • Finish paying off my student loan. Just over a year after graduating!
  • Dumbledore’s Army t-shirt See image here.
  • Get fitted for and buy new bras (Something I havenít gotten the courage to do for at least five years!)
  • Sew a Mac-cozy for my computer
  • Get an article published
  • Organize the wedding photos (I know, I know, this was on the list last year)
  • My own website (from last year too) This is it!
  • Learn to cable knit
  • Knit the Mister a toque
  • Go hiking (I didn’t even do this once last year, so sad considering where I live)
  • Sew more grocery bags
  • Start switching over to biodegradable products
  • Create my own paper agenda Found one that can be completely recycled at the end of the year that has all my needs so I didn’t make one.
  • Learn to make yogurt For this I wanted to be able to not use a yogurt maker but the real issue was the amount of plastic each yogurt container brings in. My Mum bought me a yogurt maker in the summer so I’m crossing it off the list. I would still like to be able to do this w/o the maker.
  • Significantly reduce the amount of unused stuff we have. (yay Freecycle!) Working on this but not enough to feel comfortable crossing it off my list.
  • I’m currently working on this year’s list.

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