Her life was a perfect graveyard of buried hopes

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Sad new about our dear Lucy:

For many years, medical my family has kept a troubling secret. What has made things even more difficult is the fact that the person it involves was not only my grandmother, neurologist but one of Canada’s most beloved authors, Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Her most famous novel, Anne of Green Gables, is still a bestseller after 100 years. In addition to Anne, my grandmother wrote 19 other novels, personal journals and hundreds of short stories and poems. As well, she has been the subject of several biographical studies.

Despite her great success, it is known that she suffered from depression, that she was isolated, sad and filled with worry and dread for much of her life. But our family has never spoken publicly about the extent of her illness.

What has never been revealed is that L.M. Montgomery took her own life at the age of 67 through a drug overdose.

I encourage you to go and read the entire Globe and Mail article that talks about the stigma around mental health issues

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