Day: May 21, 2020

100 Day Project – Day 45

I have no nice photo to add to today’s blog post. I don’t even have a crappy photo to add to today’s blog post. But yesterday I could have taken a really great photo of a really sweet moment between my girls but I didn’t. And you know what? Not taking the photo was hard. Just being there in the moment was physically hard for me. I know that is weird. I know that is wrong. But it doesn’t make it any less true. Phone addiction is real guys! At least mine is.

The last couple days I have also been toying with deleting my Twitter account. I do enjoy some of the interactions on Twitter but for the most part it is a truly awful place with people trying to out wit one another or just on there to bully one another. Since I’m trying to set and example of good phone & social media usage for my daughters maybe I just don’t need another place on the internet to waste my time. Also Trump is truly a horrifying person so why do I need to be one more place to hear people complain about him? I don’t. I really really don’t. So even if I’m just writing into the void here for myself at least it is something.

Also I learned a really important phrase in my Latin lesson today: Ubi bibliotheca proxima est? Where is the nearest library? This will hopefully come in useful if I ever travel back in time to ancient Rome. I miss the library.