Day: May 18, 2020

100 Day Project – Days 41 & 42 Literary Witch: Anna Akhmatova

This week’s literary witch is Russian poet Anna Akhmatova whom I think I have heard about only in passing through my friend Anya Krugovoy Silver who was also a poet and of Russian descent (whom I have written about before in my post: Death in the age of Internet friends). Anna Akhmatova calls for Endurance this week – which is something I know quite a bit about. And also: staying with pain, avoiding pain, patience. Pain is something I know about all too well – avoiding it is something I would like to do. Patience is something I am always working on (aren’t we all?)

Last night I turned off my phone and put it in my closet. We went for a walk/push in the wheelchair today (I did get out and walk for a bit though) and it was nice not having my phone with me. When I am connected I am always looking for things to take photos of – but today I just got to notice what was around me. I did have to pull it out and turn it on to take the photo of this week’s literary witch but I turned it back off right after and put it away. Today I got a lot of reading done, made sushi, went for a walk, sorted out & minimized my mending pile, had a nap, watched half a movie with Mister & Fionnuala (we watched the first half last night), ordered seeds (I know, I know, I’m very late), kept up with my Latin practice and did countless other things without taking one single photo. I’ve felt odd though, like I SHOULD be taking photos or checking my texts or playing PokemonGo or scrolling mindlessly on social media. But I’ve also felt great. Now I’m going to go and keep reading my book with out the need to put it down every couple pages and check my phone for no reason.