18-months old today


Today I am 1.5 years old and that means Mummy can now tell everyone I am a year and a half every time they ask until I turn two because she is tired of counting months. All my heath problems seem to be in the past (fingers crossed) and I am once again super happy – although I think I might be starting to teeth again. I had my 18-month check up today and charmed the doctor with my vocabulary. I know a ton of words and will pretty much repeat anything you ask me to. My favourite word is “Yup” or “Yes” and I will say it for everything like, this site “Moira would you like a bop on the head?” “Yes!” Apparently that joke never gets old. My favourite activity is eating. I also know a lot of signs, troche my favourite ones being ‘hungry’ and ‘bottle’. I think Mummy is starting to regret teaching me sign language.

After my check-up Mummy took me to a cafe for a celebratory piece of banana bread where I proceeded to charm the old ladies at the table next to us. Then we went into a shop run by old ladies who all fawned over me and pulled out a box of toys from the back so I would stay and play. All in all it was a great half-birthday.

Mummy says now that I am feeling better I seem to be learning a new skill every day. However, she didn’t seem impressed today when I pushed the garbage can next to the kitchen counter so I could climb up and get the box of rice crackers.

But it can’t all be about learning new words and impressing old ladies.


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