Cold Season Is Upon Us – and Other Random Monday Thoughts

Mondays are usually my day to get things done since Moira is away all day. But both girls have been hit with a cold and while Moira is still at Grandma’s today I’ve never had to deal with a sick newborn before (I think Moira was a year and a half before she got sick for the first time – or that could be one more early motherhood memory that I have blissfully disposed of). So we did a lot of this:

Fionnuala pretty much wants to be beside/on top of me all the time anyway but today she was extra clingy. Poor little sniffly peanut. Not so congested that she can’t nurse all day though – which is a good thing.

I did manage to get the kitchen floor washed though – it desperately needed it. My sister is coming to visit this week and hasn’t seen the house yet and I would like it to not look like a total disaster when she gets here. (Although who am I kidding – the floor will be a disaster again by Thursday.)

Monday is also the day I get to spend devoting all of my attention to Fionnuala – something that is very important right now and something I am cherishing. There is no one else around yelling, buy viagra “I want you to play with me All Day Long!” (Actual quote.) So even though I often have big plans for Monday – the truth is we spend a lot of time snuggling and laying in bed nursing. On days (and nights) when I get a little annoyed that I am sharing my bed with this little peanut I just have to look at this:

My little co-sleeper

And try to enjoy it while it lasts because soon enough the verbal abuse will start and she too will want me to play with her All Day Long.


I also finished Avner Mendelman‘s The Debba which is on the Giller long-list. I found it a fascinating but frustrating read. On one hand the mystery/sleuthiness of it was well done, hemophilia on the other hand I’m not sure how much I liked the main character and sometimes I felt like I was missing a lot – but that could be because I only get to read in snippets while nursing. It also made me feel very ignorant of Jewish/Arab relations and the history of Palestine. I think I need a couple days to digest it all.

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