11 weeks later or, I’d like to introduce you to Amazon Baby

Let’s review shall we:

3.5 weeks:

Sweet little peanut

6.5 weeks:

Sizing Moira up?

9.5 weeks:

I would post an 11-week photo of Fionnuala but we don’t have a camera lens big enough to capture all of her anymore. Ba dump cha!

Okay, enough with the giant baby jokes (that’s a lie by the way, there is no end to the giant baby jokes around here). The reason I’m writing about this is that Fionnuala had her vaccination appointment this week where she weighed in at a whopping 14.5 lbs. Katrina wondered why I would bother with the 30 Day Shred? This is why! I can barely lift her. Miss Finns falls in the 90th percentile for height and the 97th for weight (which means, the nurse assured me, that she is nice and proportionate). She’s a big girl & I’m not a big woman. My back is killing me. (Other reasons for choosing the Shred: it is the only workout tape I own and it takes less than 30 minutes to do – which even now seems like a lot of time I don’t have.)

I will say this about Fionnuala – she is one happy, smiley girl. Also she sleeps more and eats less often than her sister did at the same age – I suspect those two are related. So I guess we’ll keep her even if it means I’m going to have to push her around the house in the toy shopping cart because my soft, muscle-free self is going to snap in two under the weight of those cheeks.

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