11 months

What can I say other than Moira is a lot of fun these days. We can now take her to restaurants and have her sit in a high chair. She babbles constantly and charms the pants off of everyone who is near her.  Oh, asthma that doesn’t mean she is happy all the time – although she is a very happy girl. When we are out though she keeps her smiles tucked inside and only doles them out to those she deems worthy. Sticking your face right up in hers and getting all mushy and baby talky on her is a one way ticket to glaresville – which of course just pleases her father and I to no end.

This photo is NOT the glare in case you were wondering.

(I cut those bangs tonight in the bathtub, I hope I don’t regret it tomorrow.)

I find it increasingly hard to photograph this child. She is constantly on the move and leaves a path of destruction in her wake (pictured below, Moira and one of her favourite toys: a laundry basket full of clean diapers).

Of course it isn’t all rose-smelling diapers (in fact the diapers are getting rather disgusting. No, thank you formula and solids). Changing her diaper is a nightmare these days that I am calling Change Table Massacree as she wants nothing more than to commit suicide by standing and flinging herself off the table rather than – gawd forbid – me wiping her bum. There is the constant pulling her out of everything. The defiant  “Eh. EH!” when she doesn’t get her way 100x a day followed by the glare. (Sadly no the glare photo today.) The never-ending obsession with putting EVERY FREAKING THING in her mouth (at stay-and-play the other kids her age and younger actually PLAY with things, they don’t go around tasting every bloody toy and/or child available). She still doesn’t nap enough and is so tired by the end of the day we feel like we are FORCING her to stay awake until 6 p.m. By 4 p.m. the whining starts and her frustration increases to the point where she is lunging at me and biting me and I don’t know if she thinks she is kissing me with those fangs or what. And please don’t ask if I have tried making her have a nap around 4 p.m. because people – I have tried it all.

Most of this just makes me laugh though (the change table issue being a notable exception). I laugh a lot these days.

Today we went out for a family brunch and got a rare photo of Mummy and Moira together right before she tried to attack the camera.

(Look at those eyelashes! You know she has two layers – one almost as dark as mine and the other is yellow like her Father’s hair.)

It is hard to believe it has almost been a year. If anyone is looking for birthday present suggestions Moira is currently hoping for:

  • cupboards she is not allowed in being left unattended
  • the shoes of other children (preferably on their feet)
  • laundry baskets full of laundry
  • her own box of tissue
  • electrical cords
  • to be allowed to chew on the paperbacks
  • a phonebook of her very own to rip to shreds
  • all her food to be served on the floor
  • And last, but MOST importantly, her Father’s tea cup

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