100 Day Project – Days 48 to 51

It would have been wise to mark the half way point in the 100 Day Project with a spectacular blog post but instead I’ve been playing a lot of Animal Crossing in the evening and forgetting to blog.

All things considered I have been feeling quite well these past few days – although I have now reached the half way point of my current chemo cycle and the nausea and heartburn are starting to creep up on me. It makes it hard to want to cook and sometimes I can’t physically keep my eyes open even though I don’t seem to ever really fall asleep but other than that things are fine.

Moira is so freaking happy playing Animal Crossing these days that I have gotten into it too and have been sitting with her in the evenings – which is when she likes to have her gaming time – and catching lots of fish and trying to make my house look nice even though it only has a few things in it. I’m definitely not that much of a minimalist in real life (much to the Mister’s dismay).

We have also gotten back into watching The Great British Sewing Bee and are now on Season 5. This has inspired me to get over my fear of my overlocker and as soon as I finish here I am going to go back to watching videos on You Tube about how to use it. (Or more specifically: how to thread it without crying much.) Don’t ask me how the sock is going because it is currently having a time out.

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