100 Day Project – Days 37 -39

Covid-19 edition of the ugly bathroom tile selfie. I started doing these years ago to track the progress of my post-chemo hair growth.

This week we passed the 60 day mark of isolation. This week we didn’t get a lot of schooling done. This week I didn’t get a lot of writing done either. I’m not even sure where the week went but now it is Friday night and I am trying to get a blog post done so I don’t let too many days slip by.

Oncology was fine. I got more drugs. Always more drugs. I am, in fact, embarrassed by the amount of pills I have to take. Pain killers (more than one type). Chemotherapy pills. Anti-nausea pills and now heartburn pills to offset the side effects of chemotherapy. Sleeping pills so I don’t lay awake all night thinking about my mortality. I was also give anti-inflammatory pills this week because of back spasms but reading the list of side effects from these anti-inflammatory pills and these anti-heartburn pills makes me think I should just put up with the heartburn and back spasms. Soooo many drugs and then more drugs to combat the side effects from those drugs that come with their own side effects. All this for a woman who would barely take an Ibuprofen before getting cancer.

But all in all this week wasn’t too bad. It’s my week off chemo so I’ve had spurts of energy and during those spurts I have sanitized the dishwasher, scrubbed out the fridge, and started organizing the pantry. And then I use up all my spoons and have to lay down and doze for a while but at least I had the spoons in the first place to use up. (If you haven’t heard of the Spoonie theory here is a link to an article about it.)

Now I’m off to put Oonagh to bed and watch the second half of Return of the Jedi because I can’t seem to stay awake through a full movie these days.

How was your week?

(These current blog posts are part of my #100dayproject and are written quickly and posted without significant editing. They are what they are, mistakes and all. Much like me.)

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