100 Day Project, Days 29 & 30 – Cake & Chemo

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

At some point between Monday and Tuesday this new round of chemo decided to take effect in a big way and I woke up feeling like I didn’t sleep at all. I’ve got those heavily lidded eyes that sound romantic in cheesy novels but mostly just make me look slow and sleepy – which is exactly what I am. I made Lazy Cat Kitchen’s Vegan Chocolate Torte with Amaretto yesterday but I ate too much at lunch to have any of it – or to even eat dinner. Today at lunch I tried not to eat too much but I’m once again uncomfortably full which means it has less to do with the amount of food I’m eating and more to do with chemo side effects. I thought it was homeschooling and chores that were kicking my butt but it’s the combination of everything mixed in with my medication.

I will admit I’m not the biggest chocolate fan so I wasn’t really making this cake for me anyway. I mean, I made it because I wanted to make it, but I also made it with the chocolate lovers in the family in mind. It is luscious and fudgy and definitely a hit. It would probably be a good cake to pull out for Father’s Day or Mister’s birthday since he’s a big chocolate and almond lover.

The reason I searched out this recipe was a very large bag of slivered almonds in our pantry. I’ve decided right now is the time to start going through our over-packed pantry and find uses for all the obscure ingredients that have been gathering dust. The other day I made barley pudding for breakfast (kind of like rice pudding) because of an abundance of barley, a bag of stale raisins, and a can of peach halves.

I will probably make the barely pudding again so I can tweak it and then post the recipe if anyone is interested.

(These current blog posts are part of my #100dayproject and are written quickly and posted without significant editing. They are what they are, mistakes and all. Much like me.)

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